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  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 09:57:
    Der FAdddaaL...:-)
  • *=DsS=*f4T4l:   @ 01:08:
    Mahlzeit die alten und neuen Devils! Auch mich gibt es noch amused
  • *=DsS=*Ross:   @ 23:31:
  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 11:47:
    And aim... And gameply... And skill... :-)
  • *=DsS=*Ross:   @ 10:28:
    TW last night was a lot of fun, like in the good old times. but we should work on the tacticcrazy
  • *=DsS=*The_Wanderer:   @ 23:07:
    keep my fingers crossed
  • *=DsS=*Ross:   @ 00:54:
    Bought it this morning and still on installing + updating. Hope to have more time to play, like in the last years


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MW2 Dedicated Servers Hack

posted by *=DsS=*The_Wanderer on 16.11.2009

It didn't take long, but the "tweakers" did it. Over at Destructoid.com there's an article on the whole thing. Take away what the PC gamers want, and they will most likely make it themselves.

It is rather interesting, this is the second "crack/hack" to come out for MW2 on the PC, the first of which was the unlocking of the "console" for use in game.

It has not even been a week and already these two things have been done.

PS: At the end of the article is this quote:

That said, it's just a matter of time until they the first thing they did was mod it so that you can lean again.

Just remember, this is probably against the "rules" and anti-cheat stuff for the game...

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Origin: planetcallofduty.com

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